Upcoming Webinars

The following web seminars are scheduled. Please join us or let us know if you prefer an on site lunch and learn:

Smart Drawing Overview

We’ll explore the process for intelligizing PFDs, P&IDs and Isometric drawings, converting CAD and PDF files. Well also examine the process for ensuring synchronizing revision levels between CAD files and Smart Drawings.

MI Work Process

Achieving a best practice mechanical integrity program. We’ll explore the work process for implementing a risk based or time based inspection data management system and the tasks for delivering a best practice sustainable program. We’ll also look at the tools available for ensuring consistency and repeatability in the inspection data management all from the familiar environment of your own PFDs, P&IDs and Isometric drawings.

Smart Connectivity Manager

We’ll explore the process for connecting multiple applications to visualize and contextualize mater data at the drawing level.

Business Intelligence

We’ll look at the developing various business insights such as integrity operating windows utilizing Smart Drawings master data management. We’ll also look at the value delivered from these business insights and how they achieve significant return on investment for the owner operator.