Training: Introducing VisualAIM 

End user training is available for clients and partners. Software training is offered by module or bundled as a complete equipment health solution by asset family or across all asset families.  On the job training is also available and recommended for joint delivery efforts where knowledge transfer is prioritized. The following training is offered as a formal classroom training package on site and off site. 


Intelligized Drawings – Introduction - Focus Mechanical Integrity  

  • Organize a facility using Intelligized Drawings, CAD drawings and PDF

  • Collect data by asset type

  • Link Inspection data to CML location on Isometric Drawings

  • Intelligize systemize and circuitize Intelligized PFDs, P&Ids and Isos

  • Introduction to API 580 and 581 risk based inspection

  • Damage Mechanism Susceptibility analyses

  • Inspection planning - Time based and Risk Based inspection planning

  • Review Universal Work Process for implementing and maintaining an RBI program best practice

Intelligized Drawings – Connection Manager 

  • Intelligized Drawings requires connectivity to many applications whether embedded in VisualAIM or residing outside VisualAIM on the OO server or cloud. Intelligized Drawing Connectivity Manager provides a portfolio of API connections to dozens of apps like Meridium, Ultrapipe, Maximo, SAP, Pi, JDE, Oracle. Our business analysts will work with your team to develop the training program as part of the delivery of the required apps to be visualized and contextualized in Intelligized Drawings.

Intelligized Drawings – Business Intelligence 

  • Visualizing and contextualizing master data provides significant value in reducing down time and increasing on line production, realizing tens of millions USD for the OO. Our business analysts will work with your team to develop the training program for delivering business insights to facilitate the program moving forward with measured value and performance while increasing the owner operator's competitive advantage. A key aspect of BI training will be developing KPIs across all master asset data sources as well as the interactive data being managed and analyzed.