User Management, Administration and Configuration

  • Central licensing server manages seat quantity and role assignments defined in client license agreement
  • User roles managed by an internal master administrator defined by client
  • Roles are assigned by seat/quantity as per client license agreement limitations
  • Roles available are Administrator, Data Loader, Inspector, Data Viewer
  • Users seats can be re-assigned to different individuals
  • User seat assignment can be restricted access to specific Plant/Unit levels
  • Configurable XML documents allow client administrators to customize the following areas:
  • Risk Matrix
  • Risk Threshold definitions
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis 
  • Customizable Inspection Strategies, Intervals, Short-Term/Long-Term corrosion calculations, Avg/Min/Max TML reading usage for NDE reports
  • Customizable circuit definition rules for automated circuitization of P&IDs
  • Customizable CML point reading rules for automatization of CML Point optimization routines at ISO level to compare against existing CML point definitions
  • Pre-populated representative fluids list with 400+ entries
  • Ability to add user-defined fluids and fluid modeling
  • Full unit of measure support with customization by user/locale
  • All calculations implemented in software are performed assuming imperial unit of measure irrespective of user-defined unit of measure and automated conversions are performed for calculations
  • Database time stamp of operations is tracked based on Universal Time and converted to specific locale of user login