VisualAIM provide next generation, cloud-based Asset Integrity and Performance Management software and support services.  Providing services and solutions for our global partners and clients, we bridge the gap between asset visualization and the data associated with them.

Who we are - “Our people, process and technology… our culture - VisualAIM creates a sustainable competitive advantage for not only our clients but ourselves. We leverage our valued resources to achieve efficiency and effectiveness creating strengths through our culturally focused hiring practices to mitigating weaknesses though our highly performing partner network. But when building a best practice anything, sustained performance requires consistency and repeatability. And that comes from enabling others to not just survive but to thrive within their environment. VisualAIM Intelligized Drawings does just that.

Intelligized Drawings provide the foundation for visualizing, contextualizing, and analyzing master data bringing actionable insights that sustain competitive advantage and measured performance improvement for our clients and partners. Working from the familiar environment of the owner operator’s process flow, process and instrumentation diagrams, a foundation is laid for continued success. Intelligized Drawings create an open environment for amalgamating all plant wide applications, delivering business intelligence from operational, maintenance and reliability insights to name a few.

Our ability to achieve operational effectiveness can only be sustained through continual improvement. This means listening to our valued resources, partners and clients to help them achieve their goals. Examples of these can be seen throughout our technology where our lead software developers have created “buttons”. These buttons invoke efficiency rules for optimizing CML locations on isometric drawings, while automating the process for intelligizing systems and circuits on process flow diagrams and P&IDs. Intelligized Drawings also achieve a repetitive business process best practice for executing maintenance and inspection data management and reliability engineering.

Our company, our people, our technology, our culture is focused on helping each other, our partners and our clients achieve our goals. We still have much to learn and we’re still listening!”

Ed Mullings – President VisualAIM LLC